Why Palin Is a Fantastic Choice

I was thrilled to hear that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was chosen as McCain's running mate. Of course, already the blogosphere is abuzz with speculation that Palin was chosen because she is a woman and maybe this is true. But it is not the reason I will be pulling for her and McCain come November. For me, Sarah Palin represents many right-leaning libertarian ideas that I personally support: low taxes, gun rights, and smaller government. David Harsanyi writes more about her libertarian leanings:

Yes, Palin is pro-life and yes, she’s made a huge mistake by supporting windfall taxes on oil companies. But she was a tireless reformer against government waste in a state that is famous for it. She, after all, shut down the Bridge to Nowhere.

Palin sued the Federal government over its outrageous listing of the polar bear as a threatened species. She is an ardent supporter of the Second Amendment. Her views on the Drug War are more reasonable than most in Washington. Her framing of cultural issues is far less divisive and strident some of what we hear coming from the hard social right.

While Democrats want to expand government programs to "help women," I believe that smaller government and the policies of the libertarian right help women in many ways that are often ignored. Carrie Lukas, in a special report entitled "Dependency Divas" from the Independent Women's Forum, states that:

Government efforts to improve on market outcomes often have serious unintended consequences that make women worse off. Workplace regulations make hiring more expensive, thereby decreasing the number of job opportunities available for women. Entitlement programs such as Medicare and Social Security crowd out private enterprise and initiative, and bloat the federal budget. The high taxation necessary to support lavish social spending slows economic growth, reducing the living standards of all Americans. The paternalistic arguments used to justify these government programs also reinforce the harmful notion that women are incapable of surviving or prospering on their own.