Why Obama, Pelosi, and Reid Won't Quit Pushing Health Care Reform

The current push for government-run health care via the nuclear option and last week’s Blair House TV snooze-orama are clear demonstrations that Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid share Vladimir Lenin’s tenacity to impose radical change where it’s not welcome -- in fact, where there’s downright hostility to change by a solid majority of Americans.  And make no mistake, Lenin was first and foremost about the will to power.

Gale winds of public disapproval may be blowing against proposed government-run health care and its proponents, but Obama and congressional Democratic leaders plod forward with stolid determination, now extending by six weeks the time to work through an acceptable framework to pass so-called health care reform. If that extension fails to secure health care reform legislation, then these leaders may seek another extension, if possible, in an effort to wear down opposition to their designs.

Before liberals level charges of red-baiting, I’ll offer that the differences between Lenin and the Bolsheviks and Obama and left-wing Democrats are significant, many, and varied. Through skullduggery, battle, and blood, Lenin established a dictatorship of the proletariat, which history has amply shown was a thinly veiled dictatorship by Lenin and his Communist Party heirs.  There was nothing “soft” about Lenin’s tyranny or Stalin’s. The mass graves of tens of millions of victims bear mute testament to these despots’ infamy.

Obama, Pelosi, and Reid are decidedly pale reds, or as was said in an earlier generation, “pinkos.” But all three have grand ambitions, make no mistake, to achieve through imposition the social -- or should it be said, socialist -- democracy that lies with deadening weight across the width and breadth of Western Europe. These three Democratic leaders are working within our system of government to fundamentally alter government’s relationship to the people. If these three succeed, the American experiment in liberty will effectively end.

The president and the two congressional leaders are so blinded by their ideology, so bullheaded in accomplishing a radical transformation of health care, that they’ve discarded the common sense and instinct for self-preservation that usually governs politicians’ actions. Instead, this triumvirate makes rationalizations for support of a proposal that’s been DOA almost from its inception.

Yet all three Democratic leaders are taking a calculated gamble: if they can impose govern-run health care, they’ll establish the framework for Democratic dominance for years to come, even if that means short-term election losses. Once government-run health care is a fait accompli, all three believe practical minded Americans will switch from outright opposition to trying to “improve” the government-run health care model, similar to what Americans have done for decades with failing public school systems.

Pelosi, Obama, and Reid also know that if they can successfully defy the will of the people and impose government-run health care, if they can then prevent the entitlement from being repealed in its early stages, then this massive program will foster dependency, and dependency entrenches entitlement programs, which keep government powerful and keep the advocates of entitlements in power, give or take the odd election, or until an economy crashes (see Greece, which is on the verge of collapse).