Why Not Just Put the Entire Federal Budget on Credit?

This should receive huge bipartisan support. Republicans don't like taxes, Democrats don't like spending cuts -- so now we'll have no taxes and no cuts. The only thing we'll have is even more debt, and we can all just agree to stop pretending we care about that. How can it hurt us, anyway? Dollars are just made-up things. They used to represent gold we had in a vault somewhere or something, but now they're just completely pretend numbers on a computer. Saying we owe 16 trillion dollars is like saying we owe 16 trillion unicorn farts. How will this "debt" ever harm us?

So let's continue onward without fear and with a lot more money in our pockets. We'll have generous entitlements that are completely tax-free, and the only problem will be some growing number no one really pays attention to. What could possibly happen? I guess some sort of complete economic collapse that takes the government and all of its entitlements down with it. But with the path we've taken for years, haven't we already been betting that will never actually happen? So let's finally open our arms really wide and embrace our massive debt, swiping the big government credit card to pay all our bills. We can celebrate by adding free roller coaster rides to the newly reopened White House tours.