'Why Islam': Reaching Out and Preaching Hate

Another subject that is brought up on the WI website is that of non-Muslims. If one goes by what is written on the Why Islam website's FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), then it would seem that the group entirely respects members of other religions. One reads: “A common misconception about Islam is that it espouses hostility with Jews and Christians.” However, whether or not this statement is true, offending and attacking members of other faiths has become commonplace within WI.

In July 2008, the following was posted in WI’s forum comparing Christians to Satan:

[T]he Christ that Christians believe will come before the Rapture is actually the anti-Christ who the Zionist-Jews will think to be their promised-Messiah. ... Most Christians don't know this. They live in their capsule of ignorance that is hardened by the western main-stream media. ... [T]heir greed and covetousness for consumption is likened only with Satan in the Bible.

In September 2008, the following was posted branding Americans, Jews, and Christians as enemies:

[T]he Americans don't care about their Allies. ... Even though, speaking Islamically, they are our enemies and not allies ... no Kaffir can be an Ally to a Muslim against a Muslim. ... Like Allah says in the Quran, Baqarah 2, "Never will the Jews nor the Christians be pleased with you ... till you follow their religion."... [T]hey are not friends of anyone besides themselves ... their friendship is an illusion.

And this was said in a post that was put up on WI just last month questioning if Jews are in fact Jews:

Don't Come With That Old Anti-Jewish Carp. Because That’s An Old Trick. One Would Think The So-called Jews Are The Only One’s Who Had A (Holocaust). ... If You Wish You Can Start A Post On The Jewish (Holocaust) Ok .

All of the above quotes are still up on Why Islam’s site, including this one:

The American empire needs to be destroyed once and for all. ... And Allah has promised us victory. ... Islam is meant to rule the world.

One has to wonder why a group claiming to promote inclusiveness and peace would allow statements such as these or a poll questioning Osama bin Laden’s guilt to remain on its website. But then one would have to wonder why they were placed there to begin with.

The Why Islam religious outreach program is not outreach based on any set of virtues. In truth, WI is nothing more than a vehicle to spread radical Islam, dubiously masquerading as a public service. It is part of a dangerous global movement that has zero respect for others who do not hold the same beliefs.