Why Is the Voter Participation Center Spoofing the Virginia State Board of Elections' Return Address?

Earlier today, news broke that the Romney campaign is requesting a state-level investigation of a voter registration group in Virginia. That group, the Voter Participation Center, has been sending out voter registration forms to people all over the commonwealth, hundreds of thousands of forms per month. The Washington Post and the Richmond Times-Dispatch have published stories on the Voter Participation Center and the allegations that the Romney campaign has levied against it. But both stories barely hint at what the VPC may be doing.

The center's registration forms, some of which have been addressed to the dead, children, even pets and felons ineligible to vote in Virgina, state that recipients are eligible to vote. They come with some personal information already filled in, and instruct recipients to send the forms in to the Virginia State Board of Elections via Business Reply Mail to an address pre-printed on the form. But where do the returned forms really go? A Virginia blogger at the Disrupt the Narrative blog received one of the VPC's forms in the mail in June 2012, and posted screen shots of the form on the blog. Click the image to enlarge it.

Look at the screenshot of the form above. The address for the State Board of Elections is correct up to the zip code. But the zip code on the form will send it somewhere other than the actual State Board of Elections.

The group bills itself as a Washington-based voter registration group, and on the voter registration form gives its return address as 7109 Staples Mill Rd., #160, Richmond, VA 22238.

Where is that? It certainly is not an office. Click the photos to enlarge them and see.


The evident misdirection of the return address and the permit number registered in Pennsylvania all beg for an answer: Why? These returned registration forms contain real personal information including full legal names, date of birth, and even Social Security numbers. What is the Voter Participation Center really up to, in having forms returned to an address that it says is controlled by a state entity, when that is not the truth? Additionally, where are the completed forms really going?