Why Is Mitt Romney Still the Least Vetted GOP Candidate?

I was privileged to be a guest on colleague Rick Moran and Jazz Shaw's RINO Hour of Power radio show last night, and Rick asked me a very good question: Which GOP candidate has done the best job of manipulating the media? The obvious answer is Mitt Romney.

Though Romney has been running for the presidency for the past five years, the oppo research book on him is just now hitting the streets. For conservatives, it's not a pretty read. Rick Perry and Chris Christie, the latter a Romney ally, are both out today demanding that Romney release his tax returns. They're right to demand this. The voters of South Carolina are on the verge of handing Romney a major and possibly decisive victory on Saturday, but they will be voting with incomplete information, information which will come out eventually. Why wasn't this demand for his tax returns made by Tim Pawlenty or some other candidate a long time ago? Why has there been, up to now, so little pressure on Romney to prove why he should be the Republican nominee?

I think it comes down to the kind of campaign he has run, and the dynamics of the Not-Romney candidates running against him. Romney entered the race as the odds-on favorite, forcing the other candidates to organize around his candidacy. But rather than focus on his record, the Not-Romneys focused on stopping each other, giving Romney the space to attack them at times of his choosing. And he has. As various Not-Romneys have emerged, they have been slammed and smeared with negative MSM stories about everything from a rock in west Texas to sexual misconduct. Rick Santorum is the latest, with this bizarre story about his wife having lived with the abortion providing doctor who delivered her, before meeting and marrying Santorum. Challenger rises, gets whacked in the MSM.