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Why Is It a Slur to Suggest Elena Kagan Is a Lesbian?

Well, now back to Roger’s question: “Why is it such a slur to suggest Elena Kagan is a lesbian?”

I think Roger asked me because the idea that anyone, left, right, or for sale to the highest bidder -- oops! independent! -- would consider being lesbian or gay as rendering anyone intrinsically evil and therefore unfit for office makes no sense whatsoever to lesbians, gays, and the straight people like Roger who support our equality.

So the main reason that lesbians and gays are demonized applies through the full range of the political spectrum: Our sexual union does not produce children who would be useful for the purpose of building the power and wealth of other people. This is anathema to totalitarians of every description bent on nation building. They cannot tolerate a single shirker in the baby-making department. So they devise rules -- divinely inspired, of course -- that do everything possible to validate only sex to produce children.

This is not to say that anti-gay religions are all bad. They are not. Indeed, they have many idealistic followers who find strength and goodness in their religion. God has a way of shining through -- it must be all that omnipresence and omnipotence. Dogma just can’t limit God.

The second reason that it is a slur to call someone lesbian or gay is related to the first. Various religions have figured out how to get millions in government money to finance their operations through enterprises nominally for the purpose of charity or doing good to vulnerable populations -- such as adoption agencies, hospitals, nursing homes, and so on. However, since they generally want to continue to refuse services to lesbians and gays, or to hire us -- which they totally would be allowed to do with impunity if they were not taking government money or using government property -- equality for lesbians and gays represents both the end of their sweet, sweet gravy train and unflattering publicity about the routes the gravy train took and the tons of cash it delivered.

The third reason that it is a slur to call Kagan a lesbian applies to the left, not the right: Lesbians and gays are outnumbered on the left by other demographic groups that hate us and want us dead. This includes anti-gay blacks; immigrants and illegal aliens from anti-gay cultures, especially those who belong to anti-gay religions; and Muslims. I believe it is these leftist anti-gay identity groups who are working hard to shift blame for a “whispering campaign” onto conservatives and Republicans.

So, left and right, calling someone lesbian or gay is a slur -- even if it’s true -- because it pays off in money and power to destroy a minority for not producing babies to feed the greed and lust for power of other people.

Frankly, I think lesbian and gay equality activists should be campaigning for one of our own to become a justice of the Supreme Court. I don’t believe our equality will come from the legislative branch -- the rewards for stigmatizing gays and forcing everyone into heterosexual lives are so high that religious and secular totalitarians always will do those things. That means our equality is most likely to come from the judicial branch. And while I do see the foundation for our equality in the Constitution -- everyone else is looking in the wrong spots, but it’s there, trust me -- I think it’s going to take a lesbian or gay peer on the Supreme Court to have the credibility and stature to explain to the other justices how the Constitution and federal law apply to issues of equality for lesbians and gays. I do not believe they will be able to sort out the slurs from the truth otherwise.