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Why Herman Cain Electrifies the Grassroots: Five Voters Speak Out

Phil Carson

  • Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
  • 66 years old; married
  • Retired investigator with the PA Inspector General’s Office
  • Episcopalian
  • Registered Republican; always votes in both primary and general elections
  • Precinct campaign worker

Phil Carson doesn’t mince words. Oh, how I love that quality in a man.

When I queried Phil on just what it was about Cain that so attracted him, he told me to get my bearings straight right off the bat.

And then, Phil talked to me the same way Cain talks to his audiences. Straight-up, out of the bottle without the fancy mixers:

When thinking about these candidates, you have to step back to take a look at where we are. ... Obama is bankrupting this country.  We’re not where we were just 3 years ago. We’re going downhill.

The contrast between the man, Obama, and the man, Cain, is astounding.

Obama talks around in circles and doesn’t seem to know what’s even going on in the country he’s president of.

Cain comes on and actually answers a question. He listens to the question and then he answers that exact question – without wandering off into talking points.

And the fact that Cain is a real black man and is contrasted with the guy who they’re calling “the first black president”… well, in Cain you get the strong idea that we elected the wrong first black president.

People in this country are hungry for straight talk. And that’s what Cain gives.  Straight talk to real people.

The media are down on Cain because they know he is a real threat. So they say he is not the right kind of proper black man.

When it comes down to it, Herman Cain has the same kind of appeal as Sarah Palin has. He says what he means and he means what he says.

Refreshing! That’s what Herman Cain is. Cain’s honesty and straight talk are refreshing in a world dominated by politicians.  He’s real.

Okay, Phil. I think I get it. But I need a couple of mint juleps just to recover from all the hard, cold facts and the force of this reality check.  Maybe that’s why the media and establishment folks are so anxious to rush Cain off the stage.  His reality checks are starting to hit home and that’s mighty worrisome to a lot of people.