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Why Herman Cain Electrifies the Grassroots: Five Voters Speak Out


Jack Williams

  • Lawrenceville, Georgia
  • 62 years old; married
  • Independent businessman
  • Christian -- Baptist
  • Registered Republican, always votes in both primary and general elections

I’ve known Jack for 40 years, since he quarterbacked my husband’s Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets team from 1967-1971. We’ve stayed close through the years and as Jack has gotten more and more involved in politics in the past decade -- just like me -- he is always my first go-to guy when it comes to mulling over important political things. So when Jack told me he was firmly in Cain’s corner, I had to find out why.

Jack is a committed Tea Party supporter and first became aware of Cain when he ran in the Republican primary for one of the two Georgia U.S. Senate seats in 2004.  Jack has also been an avid listener of Cain’s radio program in Atlanta.

Jack is all-business when it comes to politics. He isn’t swayed by fancy, highfalutin rhetoric. He’s a “just the facts, ma'am” kind of guy and here’s how he explained to me why he is supporting Cain:

It’s Cain’s experience in both business and in the Federal Reserve System. I revere Cain’s values, his faith, his honesty, his ethics, and his no-nonsense approach.

He is not a political insider. He brings an established turn-around business experience background.

He has sound principles. He understands the Federal Reserve and the financial problems created for our economy by the Fed.  I believe Cain is truly committed to fixing the root problems in our economy. [emphasis from Jack’s own raised voice]

Jack has been an unwavering Cain supporter since the beginning of the campaign.  He’s not budging and looks forward to casting his vote. When I asked Jack how he feels when he hears commentators or political analysts diss Cain’s chances, he said he wants media people to be more interested in informing voters than in persuading them.

Here! Here! Somebody buy that man a beer.

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