Why Herman Cain Electrifies the Grassroots: Five Voters Speak Out

Like so many others, I’ve watched Herman Cain’s presidential candidacy go from no-shot to long-shot to front-runner status. I’ve seen prominent political forecasters eating nasty-tasting crow on national television, as Cain’s rise continues despite their dire dissing. I’ve seen campaign pros wince and squirm and continue to put down Cain's chances again and again as his polling numbers just keep rising in spite of his “not doing it right” -- according to the expert campaign strategists.

We’ve all heard by now at least a dozen reasons why Herman Cain can’t become president.

Yet Cain keeps winning over real voters.

So what is it about Herman Cain?

That’s the question I set about to answer this week.  And I found five real voters to confide their own personal reasons for supporting Herman Cain.

What follows are the demographic profiles of those who graciously allowed me to speak with them, as well as some direct quotes and some paraphrased insight into their own unique decision-making process concerning Herman Cain’s candidacy.

From what I learned in my own quest to understand Cain’s powerful electricity among the electorate, I’m inclined to think that the media and party insiders just might end up with a whole lot of smelly “too big for their breeches” egg on their faces after the real votes are counted in the upcoming Republican primaries.

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