Why Feminists Don't Rob Banks

Like Judith Clark, revolutionary women could have become single lesbian mothers in the bosom, so to speak, of a feminist movement. They did not need a violent communist movement in order to do so.

Yes, I, too, knew most of the players but I was not one of them. Even then, I could not understand how these bright, privileged women could betray themselves and the pressing cause of women only to sacrifice their very lives for male or patriarchal concepts of revolution and anti-racism.

Did they not know that America was the best — not the worst -- country in the world? I learned that by living in a Muslim country in the early 1960s.

Closer to home: Had they learned nothing about what ultimately happened to many white women who worked in the American civil rights movement? We were routinely “hit on” by black men — and by leftist white men too. Had they utterly failed to note that black psychopaths and criminals, as well as those who hated “whitey,” had taken over the Reverend Martin Luther King’s brilliant non-violent movement?

Ironically, the women of the Weather Underground were such “good girls.”

So many of us feminists wanted to be “bad” in the very best sense of that word, we wanted to transform our country and our world in non-violent ways.