Why Does the Government Hate Conservatives?

Also, we need to stop trying to put any sort of Republican in the White House. The last couple of elections have shown us that even the blandest, most watered-down Republican is an extreme threat to the government. The government wants an Obama -- someone who will love and nourish it -- and will fight tooth and nail against anyone else.

Once we take measures to not be threatening to the government, it should finally stop harassing us. And then maybe we can learn to live together in peace, simply paying the government whatever tribute it demands and abiding by whatever rules it decides to impose. And while we may witness the government committing some atrocities in the form of spending excesses and insane regulations, we will have to resist the urge to once again try to invade it and fix things. Because any future political attacks on the government will only give it reasons to come after us. So we'll have to ignore the minor slights so we don’t anger it into lashing out in more extreme ways. Any attempts to reduce the government's power will only make it worse -- unless, you know, we completely obliterate it, reducing the government so much that it barely has any power over its citizens whatsoever.

Oh, actually, now that I think about it, I kind of like that obliteration option better than appeasement. Forget what I just wrote; instead let's get a sledge hammer and smash apart this government until all those bureaucrats who think they can bully us are completely powerless to do anything but whine at deaf ears. Rubble don't make trouble.