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Why Does Israel Allow a Seditious Man To Serve ... in the Knesset?

In another instance, Sarsur even called for all Muslim nations to attack and annihilate Israel altogether:

Muslims from Jakarta [Indonesia] to Tangier [Morocco], if they knew the importance of the Kaa'ba, they would not await a single moment to move to Al-Aqsa [Jerusalem] in order to liberate it.

[The West] planted this foreign object [Israel] which does not fit in an eastern Islamic environment, planted it in its heart as to remain as a thorn in their side and a thorn in their throat in order to prevent their [Muslim] unity so as to stop this Islamic giant to take its [historic] position.

Sarsur’s vision for Israel is apocalyptic. He even called for an Islamic caliphate to replace Israel and to be centered in Jerusalem:

In Mecca sprouted the faith and in Jerusalem the caliphate will sprout, in Jerusalem, in the land of Palestine and in the end of days it will be the center of the caliphate and the land of resurrection and gathering.

Sarsur fought tooth and nail in order to ban any assimilation bill. The results of his resistance to integration can be seen on video taken in a school in Kufr Qra -- the banner of the Islamic movement which Sarsur heads is clearly visible. Children from kindergarten age and up chant apocalyptic slogans:

O Allah, slaughter them. O Allah, make widows of Jewish women, make orphans of their children, disburse their families, give a dark day for all the Arabs that collaborate with them, O Allah do not lift a banner for the Jews and do not fulfill their goals, do not permit their banner to rise.

Sarsur’s community service has extended beyond little children. He has led the entire community of Jaljulia in "peaceful" marches in support of Gaza, with shouts demanding unity between Fatah and Hamas. Another video shows solidarity to his cause in the community of Baqa Al-Ghrabiyeh. A frenzied crowd of perhaps one hundred thousand:

Khaybar, Khaybar, O Jews, Muhammad’s army will return!

This is a reference to Mohammed's massacre of the Khaybar Jews by decapitation. This vow to annihilate the Jews was not chanted in "Palestine" proper, Tehran, Damascus, or Cairo, but in Haifa.

Sarsur has clearly reneged on his oath to defend Israel.

How far will Israel go in allowing Islamists to help run the country? Might Khaled Mesha'al, Hamas' leader, qualify to join the Knesset? Imagine such rhetoric from Keith Ellison, the only Muslim congressman serving in the U.S.: how quickly would he lose his seat? In pluralistic Israel, apparently even a jihadist can be a public servant.