Why Did the Israeli Left Drive Itself from Power?

The first reason is the demise of the John Kerry “peace process.” To the amazement of observers, in the summer of 2013 U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was able to push Israel and the Palestinian sides into yet another “peace process.” Of course, it failed. But among the last remaining true believers in the “process” is the Israeli left, which internalizes foreign views and believes Israel must live up to the demands of Washington and Brussels.

So with “peace talks” once again in swing, the Israeli left—and especially Livni, who played a major role in the talks—again had something to live for. These flimsy negotiations collapsed last spring, but there was still talk—or for some, hope—of reviving them. Then, in the summer, came the major distraction of the Gaza War.

Since then, though, the Israeli left has been high and dry. Not only are there no further “peace talks” in sight, but Israel has been taking heat from all sides: vilification from the Obama administration, a wave of Palestinian terror attacks, and European parliaments seeming to directly reward the attacks by voting in favor of a Palestinian state.