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Why Did ADL Rip Huffington Post Article Saying a Jew Poisoned Muhammad?

In 1956, Secretary of State John Foster Dulles testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to explain why the United States was selling military aircraft to Saudi Arabia, but not Israel.

Dulles further argued in support of the U.S. policy of not stationing Jewish soldiers in the U.S. Armed Forces on bases in Saudi Arabia.

Senators had criticized the fact that via the agreement which allowed the operation of the U.S. airbase at Dhahran, the Saudis were permitted to exclude “objectionable” persons -- first and foremost, Jews of any ilk. Explaining the U.S. concession to this Saudi demand, the Congressional Record captures (p. 11840) the following verbatim discussion, including Secretary Dulles’ own remarks:

[T]he startling fact is that the religious ban is applied solely to Americans of Jewish faith. During further questioning, Secretary Dulles elaborated on the reasons for respecting Saudi Arabia’s discriminatory demands.

[Dulles] “You are dealing with a kingdom and with a dynasty which more than any other in the world practices very religiously certain religious doctrines and they have felt for a long time -- it goes back centuries -- a very particular animosity toward the Jews, because they credited the assassination of Mohammed to a Jew.”

Fast forward 60 years to hear the self-appointed intellectual defenders of American Jews, the Anti-Defamation League’s (ADL’s) hysterical -- if willfully ignorant -- reactions (here, here) to a Huffington Post Arabic blog entitled: “‘Arsenic’ The poison, which a Jewish woman put in the food of the Prophet, peace be upon him.”

The Arabic blog simply re-affirmed salient details from canonical, mainstream Islamic sources that a Jewess poisoned Muhammad, ultimately leading to his protracted and painful “martyrdom” death. Indeed, the only novel aspect of this recapitulation of the traditional Muslim narrative is the “hypothesis” that arsenic was the specific poison used by the culprit Jewess. But on December 7, 2016, the Helm-ite wise men “Islamic scholars” at ADL insisted Huff Post Arabi had instead “published an anti-Semitic blog that promotes a preposterous claim of a Jewish responsibility for the death of Islam’s prophet, Mohammed which parallels the Jewish deicide.”

Last week, ADL expressed its solemn “disappointment” that Huff Post Arabi had failed to remove the blog, claiming it “promotes a conspiracy theory blaming Jews for the death of the Prophet Mohammed.” (Note ADL’s voluntary use of reverent capitalization.) Astute, fearless shepherd of American Jewry and ADL CEO Jonathan A. Greenblatt added:

It is troubling that an anti-Semitic screed cleared  The Huffington Post’s editorial review process and that our concerns so far have been ignored.

The ADL’s uninformed, apoplectic posturing notwithstanding, Muhammad’s alleged poisoning by a Khaybar Jewess in the canonical traditions (“hadith”) and earliest pious Muslim biographies (“sira”) of Islam’s prophet updates with perfect archetypal logic the Koranic themes of Jews as malevolent “prophet killers” (Koran 2:61/3:112) and hateful (Koran 5:82) conspirators against Islam. Jews are described as fully deserving of the debasement Islam’s deity Allah pitched upon them (Koran 2:61) eternally.