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Why Are Tiger's Women Getting a Pass?

Even if they don’t take a women’s studies class, female teenagers get the message from the culture around them. When even Carrie Prejean, a 22-year-old beauty pageant winner lauded for her traditional values and courage in speaking up against gay marriage, has sent sexually explicit videos to an ex-boyfriend and has subjected her young body to surgical enhancement, we know there is something wrong with the culture. The teenager sees her cohorts baring their breasts on Girls Gone Wild, watches scantily clad women begging for a man on various reality dating shows, and sees her friends “sexting” young men. In an age of sexual openness and celebrity, one of the quickest ways to jump from Facebook to cable news is to have an affair with a celebrity, politician, or sports star.

Her college campus will certainly not provide anything in the form of in loco parentis. In addition to coed dorms and accessibility to advice about “safe sex” from the health department, she will be learning about “sex workers” in various classes, including classes in the English department. Her campus may even get a visit from the “Sex Workers Art Tour.” Pornography and prostitution are now presented as forms of “sex work,” a legitimate line of work, with its own code of ethics. I saw this argument advanced in feminist scholarly writing in the 1990s; now it has become accepted in liberal circles.

At one time prostitutes and loose women would have been condemned. And so would the cheating man, especially by members of his community and church.

But now, in the court of public opinion, the fault seems to be cast almost exclusively at Woods. In the meantime, one of his mistresses runs for help to famed feminist lawyer Gloria Allred, who specializes in helping such scandal-ridden women.

Tiger Woods was able to find many willing participants. That there are women willing to overlook a man’s marital status -- especially when he is rich, popular, or powerful -- is nothing new, of course. What is new is a celebrity-infatuated culture that encourages such behavior through the promotion of female promiscuity as empowerment.

But while these women will enjoy their fifteen minutes of fame, they will feel a sense of emptiness inside. As these women slip into middle age they will find that their false sense of empowerment has faded, with the men now able to pick and choose. The tables will be turned and many will end up alone, in a “sisterhood” not by choice.

But a man-less future is what the radical feminists wanted all along. That’s why “home-wrecker” holds no currency anymore.