Why Anti-Israel Incitement and Terrorism from the PA, PLO, and Fatah Continues

Calling for Mahmoud Abbas -- president of the PA, chairman of the PLO, and head of Fatah -- to condemn the terrorist attack in Itamar and to end incitement is meaningless.

Fatah, the main party in the PLO, is committed to violence. The Sixth Fatah Conference (2009) affirmed all forms of resistance, including armed struggle. Resistance to Israeli "occupation," as Palestinians see it, is not only legitimate but honored.

Although there is no evidence that the PA, PLO, and Fatah are actively involved in terrorist activities, they support anti-Israel incitement and "popular resistance." Local gangs and "sleeper cells" acting on their own and even loosely affiliated with Fatah/al Aksa Brigades carry out terrorist attacks, but -- unlike their role under Yassir Arafat -- are not officially sanctioned by the PA.

While international funding to Palestinian and pro-Palestinian organizations may not be used directly to fund terrorism by donor law, these funds are used in the war of words against Israel with devastating success.

Said Abbas: "We do not wish to turn to armed struggle, because our [lack of] capabilities and the international atmosphere do not allow for it." Appealing to Palestinian leadership to abjure incitement and violence, therefore, is absurd when that is part of their agenda. They could not stop violence or recognize Israel’s right to exist even if they wanted to. It's in the PLO charter.

Playing a diplomatic game of promoting an ostensible "peace partner" undermines Israel's position by fostering the delusion of peace through negotiations. Lavishly funded and enjoying wide international support, Palestinians have no incentive to change. Understanding the money pipeline, therefore, is critical.

From 1994 to 2005, the PA received $4.67 billion. Where did it go?