Why Al-Zawahri Would Fail as a Talk Show Host

And while the insults to Obama are intentionally provocative, grouping him as a “house negro” along with Condi Rice and Colin Powell simply moves the attack into the “been there done that” category. Liberal talk hosts have been throwing that, and worse, at Rice, Powell, and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas for years. That second-hand stuff might work in some on-line podcast but it won’t get you on Air America, Ayman, much less into major syndication!

Finally, the use of a bludgeon rather than a rapier indicates that Ayman is just not ready for prime time. Simply bashing Obama won’t work any better than it worked for his opponents in the primary and general election process. Nuance counts. Throw in a couple of parody songs next time; or, perhaps a few clips of Obama or Vice President-elect Joe Biden making their famous and frequent gaffes. And don’t forget the old standby of making a few slightly off-color references to the fact that the Clintons and their crew seem to be returning to the White House in droves. Listen to some tapes of Randi Rhodes featuring her anti-Hillary rants throughout the primary season, Ayman, and you can probably pick up some tips.

Granted, al-Zawahri is probably setting his sights on moving into the number one slot in al-Qaeda and replacing Osama Bin Laden rather than seriously considering a move into hosting a talk show in America. But if Obama forces the “Un-Fairness Doctrine” into law the new rules on “balance” and requirements of diverse opinion may create a lucrative opening for a guy just like Ayman!