Whose Sovereignty Is Obama Respecting?

In his speech to graduate students in Moscow, Obama opined:

State sovereignty must be a cornerstone of international order. ... States must have the right to borders that are secure, to their own foreign policies.

This sounds very statesmanlike, except that without defining the true meaning of sovereignty it becomes an empty word and a pawn in the games of political demagogues -- especially when no distinction is made between a democratic state and a tyranny.

In theory, Obama's position amounts to moral equivalency between a democracy and an autocratic rogue state. In practice, it gives the roguish Iranian regime added legitimacy and protection, while leaving the democratic Honduras exposed to threats from Ortega and Chavez, aggravated by diplomatic pressure from the United States, the United Nations, the European Union, and the 35-member Organization of American States.

The idea of unconditional sovereignty is, in fact, a clever ploy used time and again during the Cold War to advance leftist dictatorships and undermine free democracies. The trick is simple -- it takes advantage of the decency of those who honestly abide by international law, preventing them from interfering in the affairs of tyrants who abide by nothing except the expansion of their ill-gained power.

While free democracies invest mostly in the creation of goods and services, tyrants invest their nation's capital in the creation and dissemination of propaganda. It pays off handsomely in the form of moral support from the brainwashed "global community" when a tyrannical regime takes over another country allegedly "to advance progress in the interests of all people."

On the eve of every major state holiday, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU) used to publish a list of up to a hundred official talking points that covered all aspects of its domestic and foreign agendas. Printed in the form of slogans on the front pages of Pravda and local newspapers, they were meant to be enthusiastically announced on the radio, amplified during the state-sponsored "spontaneous" demonstrations, written on propagandistic posters, and memorized by schoolchildren and college students.

Endlessly rewritten and reshuffled to reflect the "current truth" about the ever changing party line, these talking points were always consistent with one and the same Orwellian template. The socialist USSR and its allies were the forces for peace and progress, while any resistance to their military operations, especially coming from the capitalist U.S.A. and its allies, represented "imperialism, reaction and war."

Below are a few excerpts of such slogans prepared for the 60th anniversary of the "Great October Socialist Revolution." They concern international relations and are addressed to the "people of the world." Compare them to the essence of Obama's statements:

Peoples of the world! Strengthen the efforts in the struggle for the complete liquidation of the results of Israeli aggression, for the establishment of just peace for all the governments and peoples of the Middle East, against imperialist interference in the internal affairs of Arab nations!

Peoples of the world! Struggle for the deepening of the lessening of international tension, for its expansion to all continents! Expose the efforts of the forces of aggression, revanchism, and reaction -- enemies of peace and the peoples' defense!

Peoples of the world! Strive so that the unacceptability of the use of force becomes the law in international relations and nuclear weapons are forever banned! Strengthen the struggle to end the arms race and to achieve universal and complete disarmament!

Long live the Leninist foreign policy of the Soviet Union -- the policy of peace and friendship of peoples, the unity of all forces struggling against imperialism, reaction and war!

Anyone familiar with the Soviet propaganda methods knew that the same "peoples of the world" would be in big trouble should their governments take these Byzantine formulations at face value. But President Obama seems to believe the template enough to reiterate its points in Moscow -- of all places!