Who's Your Daddy? George Clooney? Brad Pitt? The World of Celebrity Genetics

There are so many things to worry about when you’re thinking about having a child. Do you have what it takes to be a good parent? Do you have enough money? What if it looks like your mother-in-law?

Well, worry no more about that last one. You take care of the good parenting and money and California Cryobank's Donor Look-A-Likes will take care of the rest. Gone are the days of trepidation, wondering if your child will be a genetic loser. The Cryobank is the Play-Doh factory of baby making:

California Cryobank's Donor Look-A-Likes service offers would-be parents the chance to search for prospective donors based on which famous face the sperm donor most closely resembles.

California Cryobank has been in the news lately for announcing the opening of a Park Avenue location, but it’s the special service of celebrity look-alike sperm donors that has people talking. Their site offers a searchable database of sperm donors with a list of celebrities to choose from, ranging from Carmine Gotti to Wayne Gretzky to Nick Jonas. You can even mix and match -- perhaps you want a donor that resembles the love child of Carl Weathers and Adam Sandler.

This isn’t a far cry from services that are already available elsewhere -- sperm banks allow you to choose from a variety of characteristics, including ethnicity and intelligence. But most of us are a bit uncomfortable picking and choosing for a future child’s appearance, be it for religious, moral, or ethical reasons. And hearing a couple say it is trying to engineer a little Brad Pitt sends off all kinds of warning bells.

What happens when the kid comes out looking like E.T. instead of Wolverine?