Whom Will Barack Blame for His Olympic-Sized Failure?

What more can you ask for? What happened? Golly, these internationals are a fickle lot. What was flawed about the first couple’s song of themselves?

In 2008, Obama intoxicated over half of the American electorate via perpetual self-reference and told the story of his life repeatedly.

I guess that while the Narcissus strategy definitely works here, for some reason the politics of hyper-verbal self-absorption fail to enthrall there. The lesson to learn from this imbroglio is that one should bloviate locally but samba globally.

Yet whom will Obama blame? He can’t possibly indict himself. That would be like holding a shoplifter responsible for theft. Democrats don’t do that sort of thing. Well, how about Chicago then?

After all, it was said that Obama went to Denmark to make an “unprecedented pitch for his hometown.” Thus, turning on our “toddling town” might be a profitable play.

However, that line is dicey, as many of my fellow Chicagoans joined me in being against the Olympics, a.k.a. the importation of (yet more) chaos to the shores of Lake Michigan.

Support for the venture eroded over time. One September poll cited 47 percent “for” hosting the games and 45 percent “against.” Sadly, our shire gradually realized that a 2016 month-long soiree would break us.

How about Mayor Daley and his band of free-spending kleptocrats? Ah, in a word, no. That’s a non-starter. President Obama will need Al Franken-esqe service from the mayor if he expects to win again in 2012.

Of almost last resort is the ever-oppressive, “downright mean” United States of America. Some are fingering our country already. My current senator, Roland Burris, has applied for the shovel-ready Obama defense project by directly transferring fault to George W. Bush.

Castigating America is entirely in keeping with Obama’s essence. He’s turned criticism of nation both into an art form and an alternative lifestyle. The press has embraced this angle.

Perhaps our master’s failure really is our own. What better can one expect from “a nation of cowards”? Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky have not yet weighed in, but it’s only a matter of time.

The president’s reflexive villains, Republican politicians, are a bit of a reach on this one even for a skilled fabricator. Unlike with the health care debate -- wherein GOP votes are entirely superfluous to the outcome -- the Republicans had no representatives on the IOC or within a thousand miles of Scandinavia.

Yet this eventuality hasn’t prevented leftist commentators from trying to implicate them anyway. In the final analysis, there seems to be no one left to lie to. President Obama only has himself to blame. His sweeping transatlantic haymaker resulted in only himself being carried off the canvas.

Kids should learn from this. When you make everything about you, sooner or later it becomes all about you. U.S. News had it right when it labeled his Copenhagen excursion an “unforced error.”

The president got what he deserved. His personal involvement made the IOC’s decision historic. It marked the second time in a week that the world witnessed what a complete nebbish we have as our commander-in-chief.

It won’t be long before even senseless people begin to think of the word “clown” after hearing Barack Obama’s name. Indeed, even leftist NBC and Saturday Night Live -- so far over the hill that it ought to rename itself the Jimmy Carter Library and Museum -- ridiculed him over his Olympian double fault.

Granted, defeat will not cure our subject of his narcissism or end fears over future lost freedoms. However, it is hoped that the miscue will unscramble at least a few of the moderate brains who bought into his hope and distortion last November.

Let us be supportive of those confused drones independents and encourage them to learn from their mistakes, though it is readily conceded that President Obama never will.