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Who Will Speak for the Mothers? Glenn Beck!

In preparation for the show, Beck asked us to send in our five most pressing concerns. And did we have a lot to say! Forty pages, to be exact -- in the interest of time, this was consolidated into three major accusations made by mothers toward our current government:

1) They look to deprive children from being educated on authentic history.

2) They undermine parents’ rights.

3) They are killing our children’s future.

While the producers had worried beforehand about keeping the discussion lively (“Don’t be afraid to jump in! Glenn wants to hear from you!”) -- they must have been amazed at how ready for bear we moms were. And how informed. Unlike liberals I encounter who still think it’s enough to slam a conservative with "U R Dum! LOL," these mothers knew their stuff. Even with a daily avalanche of news poppers -- czars, ACORN, the NEA (arts and education), school propaganda, UN treaties, the impending federal takeover of school loans -- today’s conservative women are empowering themselves with the ins and outs of issues that they know threaten their daily reality.

While in the 60s the wake-up call was "the personal is the political," today’s moms see that under a left-leaning government the political is the personal. Every government power grab has ramifications for our families’ security and autonomy. We must push back.

When your child’s school is pushing the sacred text I Am Barack Obama and teaching praise songs in his name rather than His name, you know it’s time to come out of the closet no matter what is waiting outside. The good news is that when moms do, they are often pleasantly surprised. One mother spoke of going alone to an April tea party and meeting two mothers of her child’s classmates. All had been closet conservatives and now are activists: "The Sisterhood of the Mommy Patriots."

Beck’s show will do a lot to connect these moms across the nation. Beck also challenges viewers -- “Do these look like crazy people?” -- to acknowledge that we are not an angry mob but everyday people of all colors who’ve looked a little harder at what’s going on in Washington and who fear for the future of our country and our children.

Beck did something that day that I have never seen an elitist conservative do. He acknowledged the absolutely unique position held by mothers. He gave us credit for our part in shaping the grassroots movement to stop Obama’s Contract on America. He really, truly cared what we had to say. And he affirmed that in our power and energy there was hope for the future.

In addition, he was passionate in defending us against those who would hurt us with their stereotyping and ugly rhetoric. You could see he would go to any length -- even making himself look foolish -- to get people to recognize the truth.

This is the side of Glenn Beck that ivory tower conservatives would find embarrassing and alarming. His genius is in his making himself completely vulnerable, a slave to the truth he wants us to see.

"But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong." It’s because I have a feeling that the coming revolution -- and I’m talking here of a cultural revolution played out at the ballot box -- will give proof to that spiritual wisdom that I believe that Glenn Beck is in the right place doing the right thing at the right time.

Thank God he doesn’t need the approval of those who see themselves above the fray, as we need him in the trenches.