Who Will Speak for the Mothers? Glenn Beck!

Nancy from Jacksonville, Florida, a mother of three, in response to a MommyLife.net request for input on Glenn Beck:

I watch and love Glenn Beck because he's honest. Because he doesn't act like some pompous ass. Because he can put into words all the things I'm thinking but don't know how to say. He can ask all the questions I am asking, but don't know exactly how to ask. He's had a hard life, he's made some bad decisions ... he's normal ... he's not afraid to admit it when he's wrong. I also like him because he's funny. He knows how and when to be sarcastic to get a point across.

Liberals can't stand him because he's popular. Because his viewership is higher than all of the left/mainstream media put together. They have to find something wrong with him.

I think he's a breath of fresh air even when politics is old and dusty and full of the same ol', same ol'.

Nancy’s comment was one of many in response to my call for positive input on Glenn Beck for this article. He seems to have struck a chord among mothers who find him to be -- among many other things -- honest, respectful, “talking to his audience rather than at them or above them,” a straight shooter, “funny and logical at the same time,” and not pandering or beholden to any particular group or party. A compendium of attributes all conservatives would do well to emulate.

Let’s get one thing clear: I’m not a Glenn Beck groupie, though I’m very familiar with his work in my capacity as an alternative news source for mothers. While I don’t watch television news -- even Fox News -- thanks to readers I receive clips, review them, and run those that resonate. Glenn Beck’s frequently do.

As a longtime mommy blogger, my blog has unavoidably tilted so heavily towards politics for the past year that a passel of my passengers have jumped ship and have swum away as quickly as they can. Even so, my readership has grown -- and grown and grown and grown -- as mothers across the country realize that in addition to lunches, laundry, and lullabies we are being called to take a stand for our future and our families.

Sixty of us showed up last Thursday to tape a Glenn Beck special called "A Mother’s Challenge: A 9-12 Report."

What I observed during the taping said a lot about who Glenn Beck is, what motivates him, and why ivory tower types -- both left and right -- will never get why he matters so much.

Unlike those who look down upon the masses -- as well as those they consider to be the second tier of pundits, analysts, or commentators -- Glenn Beck seems truly interested in what “the people” have to say. At this historic juncture, his reaching out to mothers is inspired.

For mothers who’ve been peacefully wrenched from their daily routine of caring for the needs of their families, schools, churches, and communities into a world of political activism -- showing up at tea parties, calling representatives, or writing letters to the editor -- to hear a famous figure announce that he is interested in what we have to say, especially when he has already established himself as sincere, is nothing short of sensational.