Who Keeps You Safe? You Do

Understanding this goes a long way in explaining why a government that responds to crimes with promises of more gun control is a government that actually makes us less safe. For it demonstrates an intention to limit access to the tools law-abiding citizens need to defend themselves: tools that are preferably handguns in the caliber of your choice.

But such is the silliness of liberals who wish to expand government instead of freedom. They pass bill after bill, making every crisis an excuse for more centralized control, yet they cannot keep us safe in the moment. Rather, they can only make it harder for us to keep ourselves safe.

As free people, it is crucial that we think seriously about these things. And upon comprehending the fact that our safety is our duty, it is incumbent upon each of us to acquire the tools to carry out that duty.

Over the past few weeks some lawmakers have done this very thing, by announcing their decision to carry a concealed handgun in the wake of the Tucson shooting. It seems they finally realize that when push comes to shove, the difference between life and death lies in their own hands.

If carrying a gun is good enough for their safety, it’s good enough for ours as well.