Who Cares About Jon and Kate? Apparently, We Do

There are more people who know what's going on in the lives of Jon and Kate than what's going on in Iran.

Is that a sad commentary on our population or an indictment of the media? While some may claim that the media is obsessed with Jon and Kate's sordid story, along with the personal  lives of countless celebrities,  I'd have to say the blame lies with the people who watch and read the tabloid news rather than the people who bring us the news.

There's a revolution going on right now and it is not being televised. Not unless you count ten minute segments on your nightly news, right after the twenty minute piece on Jon and Kate. Maybe on your cable news network, which gives it a clip show treatment, right before Nancy Grace chomps up two hours of air time with a sensationalistic story that's two years old.

Does the media decide what to feed us or do we tell it what we want to be fed?  The ratings for shows like The Bachelor or American Idol tell us all we need to know: the public gets what the public wants, and the majority of the public wants to tune in to TMZ dishing dirt about Perez Hilton's fight instead of  a news segment about an uprising in another country.