Who Are 'Texans for Public Justice,' and Why Does Their Role in the Perry Case Matter?

The Open Society Foundations and the Sunlight Foundation are both funded by leftwing billionaire and convicted felon George Soros. Why is a group that sells itself as a public integrity watchdog accepting funds from a man who was convicted of insider trading? Why is no one in the Texas media asking TPJ that very question?

Texans for Public Justice is part of a larger network of money and operatives that the Texas Democrats in exile set up with one goal -- to recapture power that the voters took away from them. They set themselves a deadline of electing a Democrat speaker of the Texas House of Representatives by 2010. They failed in that goal. The Texas Republicans expanded their hold on the House that year.

But the network, run by out-of-state leftwing operative Matt Angle, never went away. It won't as long as money keeps rolling in.

For his part, Angle built the network from the funding left to him by the late Fred Baron, a Dallas trial lawyer. Betraying the cause of "good government" that the Angle network claims to champion, Baron used his fortune to help Democrat John Edwards cover up his affair and love child while he was running to become president of the United States.

While Democrats in Texas are chuckling over the Perry indictment and standing with a felon and a drunk driver, Democrats outside the state are less supportive of the effort to jail a governor for exercising his constitutional power.

Georgetown law professor Jonathan Turley writes that the indictment is "very troubling on a separation of powers basis."

Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz calls it "dangerous" and says "Everybody, liberal or conservative, should stand against this indictment."

Democrats in Texas will likely find these statements untroubling. Their aim is not necessarily to convict Perry, though given Austin's politics conviction is entirely possible. The indictment is an act of revenge. The Democrats' aim is to get a mugshot that they can parade around and use to build a false narrative of corruption against a man who committed the ultimate crime in their eyes: Rick Perry beat them at the ballot box, over and over and over and over again. At the same time, Perry helped gut the Democratic Party in Texas, relegating it to exile at every level.

More: Perry has described the indictment as a partisan political witch hunt. In what may have been Kinsley gaffe (which is when someone accidentally tells the truth), the head of TPJ says "Nothing could be closer to the truth."