White Trash Jihad: The Man behind Shariah4USA

A conference convened last month by the Islamic extremist group Hizb-ut Tahrir in Chicago cheered the fall of secular governments in the Middle East and the political rise of groups advocating for the re-imposition of Islamic law and the revival of the global caliphate, such as the Muslim Brotherhood. The speakers at the conference also endorsed a similar program in the West, particularly America.

One of the attendees at the conference is doing his part to make that dream of Islamic rule in America a reality.

Devin Zentmyer, who also goes by his Islamic name Abu Amatullah, is a 24-year-old prison convert who operates the Shariah4USA Facebook page and the Shariah4USA YouTube account. His MyLife profile lists his current location as Leland, Illinois, about 70 miles southwest of Chicago. A January 2007 police blotter notes his arrest on three separate warrants in three different counties for attempted obstruction of justice, failure to appear, and possession of marijuana. A May 2007 blog entry on his MySpace page notes he was incarcerated at the time in the Kendall County Jail.

According to one of his relatives, it was during his incarceration that he converted to Islam, but has become increasingly radicalized since his release by associating with extremist imams and organizations in the area and online.

Zentmyer pushes his violent and Islamic supremacist agenda through his Facebook and YouTube websites. Included in his small network of friends on his YouTube channel was Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif, who was arrested in June along with another associate for plotting a suicide terror attack on a Seattle area military facility.

In April, Zentmyer posted a video of himself on his Shariah4USA YouTube channel titled “Quik [sic] Message to Muslims in the U.S.” In the video, he is calling for Islamic law to be implemented in the U.S. and decrying the treatment of Blind Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman and “Lady al-Qaeda” Aafia Siddiqui. However, as soon as I began contacting Zentmyer’s friends and relatives, the YouTube video disappeared (we have reposted his video here at PJTV).

In the video, Zentmyer says:

Islam does not tell us to call for democracy. … What we are proposing to do is to become the first Muslim voices to come from within the United States to call against this democracy, to call against this hypocrisy, to call against the man-made law that is being implemented. We’re, inshallah, over the next period of time we hope to come out and call for the shariah to be implemented within the U.S. as well as the entire world working with the help of other groups around the world.

In one of his recent Facebook posts, he linked to a pdf copy of a book by Muhammad Abd al-Salam Faraj, The Absent Obligation, which establishes jihad as the sixth pillar of Islam, justifies the killing of apostate leaders, and recommends that Muslims infiltrate social and governmental institutions in anticipation of revolutionary jihad. Faraj issued the fatwa used by his group to assassinate Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and was executed for his role in the plot in April 1982. On Facebook, Zentmyer advocated the book as “true Islamic reading.” Other members have recently posted videos of al-Qaeda cleric Anwar Al-Awlaki.