White Men Play the Victim in Sotomayor Battle

All those years, white men tried to stop women and minorities from playing the victim. And now, thanks to U.S. Circuit Court Judge Sonia Sotomayor, they can't wait to cast themselves in that role.

Sen. Lindsay Graham of South Carolina recently said that, while he is uncomfortable with U.S. Circuit Court Judge Sonia Sotomayor's "I would hope ... a wise Latina" comment, he did not think that she doesn't like white people.

What a relief. Here I thought that Sotomayor had managed to make her way through Princeton (where she outperformed many a white male on her way to graduating No. 2 in her class), Yale Law School (where she was chosen, on grades alone and over many a white male, to edit the Yale Law Journal), the Manhattan District Attorney's Office (where she worked alongside many white males) and onto the federal judiciary (where she served alongside plenty of white males) and that somehow she had emerged from all these experiences not being able to get along with the species. Sotomayor has sure had plenty of practice over the years.

In fact, I'd bet she has had more experiencing interacting with white males -- and, frankly, beating them at their own game -- than Graham has had interacting with Latina high-achievers. In her travels, it's likely that Sotomayor spent much more time trying to fit into the institutions she served than those running the institutions spent trying to suit her.

Still, as silly as Graham's recent statement was, it's a step up from what he said about Sotomayor's "wiser Latina" comment a couple of weeks ago on Fox News Sunday. As someone who once occasionally served as a military judge, Graham seems to think the remark was aimed directly at him.

"It is troubling, and it's inappropriate," Graham said of the comment. "And I hope she'll apologize."

Oh, brother. Apologize to whom? To him? To every white male in a 100-mile radius? To every white male in the country?