White House: Hey, Those Explosive Emails Weren't Even About Benghazi! (Updates)

Jay Carney has come up with his most ridiculous line yet. Tuesday saw Judicial Watch release a bushel of emails that show the White House's internal deliberations over Benghazi and how to treat it. But Carney would have the nation believe that those emails, which were percolating around the Obama administration's upper echelons in the aftermath of the attack, were not really about the attack at all.

He's serious.

ABC's Jon Karl rips Carney, using the former CIA director's words, regarding the nature of the attack. Carney blithely returns to his prepared talking points -- "It was based on the based on the best information we had" leading the way, when blaming the attack on a video was not at all the "best information" that the administration had. It was the best spin they had at the time, but not the best information.

The administration had at least two better pieces of information -- the Pentagon and the CIA both initially believed, correctly, that Benghazi was a terrorist attack, not a spontaneous protest resulting from an obscure video. There was also the Sept 10 Cairo warning that the embassy would be burned if the US did not release the blind sheikh.

Karl asks Carney why the specific Ben Rhodes email was not released to Congress, why it took a court case to pry it out of administration's hands.

Carney's answer: "This document was not about Benghazi."

It clearly was about Benghazi. Carney knew it existed before he repeatedly insisted that the White House played no role in the Susan Rice talking points.

The cover-up continues.

By the way, here's the email that Carney says was not about Benghazi. It's dated September 14, 2012, three days after the attack, but before Ambassador Rice would appear on the Sunday shows and blame the video. Benghazi dominated the headlines that entire week after the attack. To suggest that that email is not about Benghazi is literally unbelievable. See updates on next page.