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White House Correspondents' Dinner: Celebs on Getting Rid of Guns

Kate Walsh, who has visited Capitol Hill in the past to advocate for offshore wind power, said she is "satisfied" with Obama's performance in his office but wants Congress to do more on issues like "gun-control regulations."

"I grew up in Arizona. My first boyfriend was a hunter. I come from, like, lots of hunting in my life and I absolutely support the right to own a firearm," Walsh said on the red carpet of the WHCD.

"I just think that there needs to be background checks so that it's a little more stringent and that people that shouldn't be having guns, that are not mentally fit to have guns don't have them and make access more difficult."

Tim Daly, president of the Creative Coalition, said he is "hopeful that some kind of common sense will prevail and some kind of gun control would be put in place" soon.

"No one's taking away anyone's constitutional rights. You know, the First Amendment allows us freedom of speech. We can't yell fire in a theater. We can't defame people. All of these things, they're not an open book. There's modifications to all our constitutional rights and the Second Amendment should be no different," Daly said at the WHCD.