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Where Next for Obama?

At the same time, Mark Steyn is on to something, for the man who was reluctant to wear the American flag pin on his lapel and callously observed that the United States could absorb another 9/11 gives the strong impression of being coolly indifferent to his country’s real welfare. “He’s the first president,” Steyn writes, “to give off the pronounced whiff that he’s condescending to the job.” Obama may be a study in contradictions — playboy, party-animal, dilettante, neo-Marxist zealot, multi-millionaire, and, in effect, the only child in the room — but two things are reasonably clear. He is, in the larger frame, a community disorganizer, and he probably has his sights set on what passes in his mind for a higher calling.

And that higher calling is not especially hard to discern. If the timing is right, when the insipid Ban Ki-moon vacates his seat as secretary general of the United Nations, Barack Obama will almost certainly be acclaimed to succeed him. As Limbaugh said about liberals, “Failure is a resume enhancement.” The post is tailor made for a charismatic but reprobate ex-president with Third World credentials. The UN is plainly the most corrupt institution on the face of the planet, is massively anti-Israel, and is dominated by the Organization of the Islamic Conference. It seeks to extend its influence into the sphere of transnational and perhaps even post-national governance, working in particular to supersede the purview and enactment of American law. It is flush with privilege and cash. Obama’s “reset” friends are Security Council heavyweights. And the UN secretary general commands the prestige that comes with the numinous accoutrements of supposedly beneficial authority.

This is obviously where Obama belongs, an office in which he can exercise his talent for mischief unencumbered by a restive Congress, fiscal constraints, and an increasingly fractious electorate. He would be in a position to facilitate legislation that redefines the nature of human rights, more in accordance with Islamic assumptions. He would not need to worry about having to veto Security Council resolutions against Israel so as not to alienate Middle America and Jewish campaign donors. The power he would wield might be indirect; nevertheless, with his wealthy and oligarchic friends, his (unearned) Peace Prize, his pectoral sense of self, his ideological convictions, and his gift for legerdemain and bewitchment, this caster of spells could do enormous damage. It would also permit him to exact retribution upon an ungrateful electorate — as of this writing, his approval rating languishes at 39%. He would, in short, be free to practice his specific brand of thaumaturgy.

I have no doubt that Barack Obama is an accomplished necromancer. Another way of putting it is that he is one of those “lofty barbarians,” analyzed by Lezek Kolakowski in The Presence of Myth. Such a person seeks to conjure what he conceives as “the perfection of humanity,” refusing “to admit the difference between good and evil” as something outside his circle of incantatory dominion. He controls and subsumes all distinctions of value within himself as he proceeds to work his runic will. He decides, invokes, summons, ordains, and finally implements, either in himself or through his subordinates. Whether by accident or intention, the result is always destructive. The ghouls come marching in.

“If Mordo can create enough magical chaos,” says Doctor Strange, “he can open a gate to the Eldritch Elder ones.” This seems a possible scenario and perhaps not even Spidey would be able to bring the Baron down from his hovering eminence.