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Where Is Brad Pitt When His Mother Is Under Leftist Attack?

Brad could have simply released a statement such as “My mother has a right to voice her opinion. In America, we have our First Amendment right -- freedom of speech. I, personally, do not agree with her political views, but my mother has a right to hers and I respect her for taking a stand as an American to express them. I ask you to join me in respecting this valued American freedom and to discontinue any hateful speech directed toward my mother.”

Instead, Brad Pitt has been silent. This silence validates the hateful, slanderous, and despicable responses that Jane Pitt has received for simply stating her personal views. Liberals justify such behavior because they believe that only their point of view is moral, that only their point of view is right, and that only their point of view can be heard -- or else.

This method of operation is blatant intimidation. Such intimidation is how liberals have successfully taken over America and the American culture like a green slime seeping into America’s current. This hateful hypocrisy is painfully prevalent across America and has been experienced by any American who has dared to share an opposing point of view with a liberal. This form of liberal tyranny has captured the culture and has successfully suppressed conservatives and conservative points of view from the mainstream.

It is with this tactic that they have monopolized Hollywood, Madison Avenue advertising, the music industry, America’s schools, America’s colleges, and America’s courts. This is how they have insidiously captured our children’s minds and thus the future direction of America -- the United Socialist States of America.

This is our wake-up call. Jane Pitt, we hear you and respect your right to your opinion. This is the moment when conservatives, who are naturally conservative and hate confrontation, must take a stand and be willing to bear the brunt of liberal attacks. We must rise to rebel against this tyrannical force of rude and reprehensible behavior. If Brad Pitt won’t, we will. We must. If we do not, then we will lose our right to speak. Respectfully we must stand up to the bullies.

It is these bullies who want to morph America into an autocratic one-voice alliance -- their way or the highway. We must speak out. We must stand strong. We must join forces – independents, libertarians, constitutionalists, tea partiers, and Republicans. We must win in November or else our highway will be dust and our opinions obliterated.

We thank you, Jane Pitt.