Where Are the Cries of 'Obama Lied, Jobs Died'?

In mid-February, I identified several clear fibs and pathetic straw-man arguments that Barack Obama and his teleprompters (not necessarily in that order) employed in four statements he made at his first presidential briefing and at an appearance in Elkhart, Indiana, earlier that day.

It is now painfully clear that Obama and his apparatchiks have entered an arena many thought Bill Clinton and his crew had all to themselves.

Admission to this very exclusive club requires the repeated ability to get through the Three Steps of Super-Sized Lying with most of your perceived credibility somehow still intact:

  1. The president and his administration must have the nerve to state what they know is an obvious falsehood without betraying any hint that he or they realize it is false, and in a way that causes virtually all who hear it to instinctively believe it.
  2. Sadly, more often than not, Step 1 is enough, because the second step requires actual follow-up by someone who heard it. That someone has to discover, document, and prove beyond doubt that the statement or contention made by the president or his administration is not true.
  3. Sometimes Step 2 occurs, but the truth-teller's proof gets little or no attention. But if it does, the third step requires the president and his administration to cling to their guns, so to speak, using a variety of tactics that effectively amount to saying, "Who are you going to believe, us or the irrefutable evidence?"

Critics can say what they will about George W. Bush's accomplishments or lack thereof, but if they're honest -- an unfortunately dubious proposition -- they'll have to admit that he and his administration almost never engaged in the three-step process to which this administration is virtually addicted.