When Rape Fantasies Involve Conservative Women, Feminists Are Silent

Who is worse? The father molesting the daughter, or the mother who knows and looks the other way?

The man raping the girl in the alleyway, or the passive bystander who neither stops the attack nor calls the police? The mother beating her children, or the husband who goes to work and leaves the children with her?

Who is worse? The abuser, the attacker is worse. But we are revulsed and disgusted by the people who aid and abet and ignore the perpetrators, and rightly so.

Last week, ten women were the subject of a cyber-rape. That is, without their consent, they were subjected to one misogynist, Guy Cimbalo, and his rape fantasies, which appeared in his Playboy article titled "Ten Conservative Women I'd Like To Hate F***." (The article has since been taken down.)

Perhaps you think "cyber-rape" is extreme. But consider what was said about Mary Katherine Ham:

You get this one pregnant, she stays pregnant. Karma's a b****, isn't it?

Implying that she wouldn't want a baby resulting from rape, but because of her belief system, she'd have the child. Of course, she would deserve this treatment and fate, because Ham is pro-life. Carrying the baby would be karmic retribution for holding her disagreeable belief.

Cimbalo says of Amanda Carpenter:

She is also a columnist at TownHall, a website for illiterates who disprove evolution by their very existence.

She has been dealing with the fallout all week. Amanda Carpenter shared that on Monday -- instead of working -- she had to explain the controversy to her male coworkers. She said it was embarrassing and distracting. A friend sent her an excited email: "You made a list of the best conservative blogger women for Playboy!" The friend hadn't read the article.

And now, when someone Googles her name, the Playboy list shows up prominently.

So imagine, if you will, that the list consisted of liberal women bloggers. Imagine if Amanda Marcotte, Jane Hamsher, Jill from Feministe, and some of the more vocal feminist bloggers made up the list. Right now, they're all upset over a National Review caricature of Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor. (It's called satire. Remember this?)

First, the list would never be made. Why? Because Playboy considers liberal women to be sympathetic compatriots. Ironically enough, they're on the same team.

Second, the outrage would be vocal and ubiquitous. Playboy made the miscalculation of assuming that conservative men are misogynistic pigs and, yes, sent the press release to them. They thought they would have a friendly audience that would link back.

Did liberal men bloggers get the list? Probably not, but Playboy would have found more sympathy with them. As conservative women know, the most vicious attacks come from leftist male bloggers. Spending some time in the comment section of an opinionated conservative woman blogger will curl toes. It's not for the faint of heart.

Conservative women bloggers are used to being sexualized, objectified, and called names. Conservative women generally know that any voiced public opinion or any public involvement will mean attempted personal destruction. Which is the point of the Playboy list -- get conservative women to shut up. Specifically, get beautiful, smart, young conservative women to shut up. Get them to leave the public sphere. Can you say Sarah Palin?