When Rabbis Spread Anti-Israel Libel

"Rabbis shouldn't get involved in politics because then everyone will be able to see how stupid they really are." Seldom has the truth of this aphorism been more apparent than with the recent signing of rabbis on to the Brit Tzedek "Letter to Obama."

Although a self-proclaimed human rights organization, Brit Tzedek is nothing more than another progressive interest group whose policies are designed to demolish Israel's existence. Brit Tzedek advocates Israel's retreat to the pre-1967 boundaries (Abba Eban's "Auschwitz borders") and equates, in the form of moral equivalence, the targeting of Hamas terrorists with the targeting of Israeli school children.

Brit Tzedek's primary weapon is documenting Israeli human rights abuses, real and imaginary. No accusation against Israel is too incredible. No source too questionable.

In Brit Tzedek's mindset, since there is no human rights crime of which Israel is incapable, every accusation must be true. The Brit Tzedek narrative is that Palestinian hatred of Israel is justified because of the abuses the Palestinians have suffered at the hands of the Israelis. In this, its ideology is identical to the more extreme Jewish Voice for Peace and Students for Justice in Palestine.

Israeli civilians murdered by suicide bombers or living under the trauma of random rocket attacks in Sderot are immune from Brit Tzedek's compassion. The question a Sderot law student posed of the United Nations Human Rights Council as to why there is a total lack of concern for the human rights of people like her could be posed to Brit Tzedek. And the implicit answer would be the same: Israelis are not deserving of human rights.