When Nidal Hasan Reached Out to Al-Qaeda, Why Was Nothing Done About It?

Imagine a Christian preacher praising the killing of an abortion doctor. Just one doctor killed by a warped version of an ideology. Imagine a whole swath of Christendom staying quiet and not condemning the act of one errant believer. And yet, that's precisely what Americans face today. The whole West is being asked to stay mute before a movement fueled by an ideology that praises murderers, glorifies death, and elevates religion over God, family, or country.

And so the Army, the CIA, the FBI, and the Department of Homeland Security said nothing rather than face the politically correct wrath of the powers that be? Is this the new America we live in, where naming evil cannot be done if it's a certain kind of evil?

Nidal Hasan's own teacher viewed his actions as a man fulfilling a mission. It strains credulity that people even dispute this. Yet if this ideology cannot even be discussed as a cause, how can it be dealt with proactively? There will be more domestic acts of terrorism because those who might see potential acts in the making will be afraid to speak up. It simply is not popular to name a radical Muslim as a threat. Thus, these threats roam freely among innocent citizens.

Since the government won't defend and protect, American citizens need to protect themselves. Leaders in the Army should be working on a way to roll back the Carter-era ban on armed soldiers on base. An armed soldier is less likely to be killed. Nidel Hasan would have been stopped sooner. There wouldn't be 13 dead and the many injured.

In the meantime, work needs to be done to roll back the politically correct attitudes that allowed this abomination to occur. When the Army is lost to this pernicious relativism, no one is safe.