When Gas Hits Four Dollars a Gallon, Will It Be Slow Enough for Obama This Time?

And the news gets worse. There’s actually a Harvard study floating around, the findings of which demonstrate that Obama’s real goal in denying us new oil supplies is to drive gas prices up to $7 a gallon. And lest we think such a per gallon price sounds too ridiculously high to be true, just consider a recent Heritage Foundation report which confirmed that such prices were not “out of the question. …[Especially because] members of Congress are working with oil companies ... to levy a carbon fee on the transportation sector.” (Such a fee would be in lieu of cap and trade legislation, and would necessarily be passed on to the consumer via higher gas prices.)

So what will such prices do to a family of four that lives off an income of $45,000 a year? It will do exactly what Obama wants it to do: force them to buy a hybrid vehicle or, better yet, an all-electric one. And it will cause many working parents to travel to the office or the shop on mass transit for the first time, while leaving others with no options better than walking to the grocers or to Wal-Mart instead of driving, as they have done in the past.

And for those middle or lower class mothers and fathers who refuse to give up their SUVs and other gasoline or diesel powered vehicles, I fear the future will find them subjected to the shame of digging under couch cushions, breaking open piggy banks, and going without their morning latte in order to buy fuel.

Either way, the ruling class will have put the plebs in their place again. And this administration will have proven far more hostile toward fossil fuel usage and the transportation budgets of middle and lower class families than it has toward almost anything else, including Muslim terrorists.

The only question that remains to be answered is whether gas will hit $4 a gallon slow enough for Obama this time?