When Boobs Tweet

Mark Sanford cheated on his wife, resigned his governorship in disgrace, but fought hard and won his election in South Carolina's House District 1 Tuesday. He defeated Stephen Colbert's sister, providing a balm for those of us who couldn't be stirred to care about his political comeback.

He is hardly the first politician to cheat on his wife. His win brought out the very, very best in some people.

One of them is Meghan McCain. After Sanford's win, she tweeted:

Miss McCain is the daughter of Sen. John and Cindy McCain. Cindy McCain is not John's first wife. In fact, Iowahawk won the Internet with this tweet back at McCain:

Miss McCain's father opposes gay marriage, he cheated on his wife, and his PAC donated to Sanford's campaign. So how big a hypocrite is he, if we go by Miss McCain's tweet?

McCain's tweet wasn't even the dumbest of the night. Former Bill Clinton adviser Donna Brazile once again showcased her brilliance. The same woman who was mystified by her rising health insurance costs after ObamaCare, and who didn't seem to be aware of Margaret Thatcher's career and achievements, tweeted this.

Brazile built her career supporting and promoting serial philanderer, sexual harasser and accused rapist -- accused rapist -- Bill Clinton.