What's So New About Liberal Ideas?

And it's not just that the left lacks any new ideas; it's that they are also stuck in the past and can't even look at current things in new ways. To them, every single war is just like Vietnam. Every single social issue battle is just like the civil rights battles of the sixties. And every big problem can be solved by another New Deal. The left are backwards-looking people constantly trying to shove the square peg of the present into the round hole of the past because then they feel like they already know how everything should turn out. If instead, they were to acknowledge that we're dealing with modern situations where old thinking doesn't apply, that would be scary for them, because then who knows what might happen? They'd be in uncharted territory! Frightening!

The left really only wants change in the most superficial way. Like to them, Obama was a brand new politician. Why? He's the same old slimy, useless politician with no integrity (you hear any stories of Obama standing up against corruption in his own party? Then again, maybe there was no corruption where he got his political start -- Chicago), but he's fresh and revolutionary because he's a new skin color. He's a new politician like a pink M&M is a new candy.

But confront the left with actual change, and they get scared and angry. They cry "racist" or whatever else they can think of instead of actually considering new ideas, because they just can't deal with anything new that doesn't involve them incrementally increasing the government’s power in response to everything. Because that is what the left is in this country: a bunch of reactionaries who defend the status quo and get angry at actual change.

Because what would be real change right now? Have you ever heard of any country with a big, bloated federal government reducing it hugely before a catastrophic collapse? No, that's an actual new idea. When people have been saying forever that you can't touch Social Security or any other entitlements, and you’re only allowed to fiddle meaninglessly with the budget in the margins, it's a radical new idea to say that yes, we can make these cuts -- we can reduce the government before it collapses under its own weight.

And what do the left say to such things? They don't say anything; they just scream -- scream that people who support these things are racist or violent or mean. They yell loudly so as to try to drown out these unconventional ideas that alarm them. They don't even want to hear of any other possibility besides expanding the government’s reach and size in response to every problem.

Our country faces a lot of issues right now. Our economy is hurting. We're deep in debt. Our entitlements can't be funded at their current rates forever. We need new solutions and new ways of looking at things. I don't know exactly what those new ideas will be, but I know one thing for certain: They won't come from the left.