What's Gotten into Bill Maher?

Former comedian Bill Maher tends to be a hater of all things Christian and to his political right, but on Friday he wondered aloud why liberals won't criticize Islam. And then he answered: Because other liberals will then accuse them of "racism."

He then skewered that position, because as he notes the obvious, Islam is not a race.

Of the rest of the panel -- atheist Richard Dawkins, crockumentary film maker Michael Moore, outed desk jockey Valerie Plame and Rev. Of No Church Al Sharpton -- only Dawkins reacted sensibly.

The first to criticize Maher, and slam Christianity as worse than Islam, ironically was Rev. Sharpton. "There were Christian klansman that were Christians, KKK members, who burned crosses," he said. Sharpton is living in the past. There was also a rotund reverend who hoaxed America and has blood on his own hands from his early, more violent days, but no one on the panel brought that up. Sharpton is hardly in a position to criticize any Christian or anyone else for their actions, but his leap to defend Islam raises a question: When did Rev. Sharpton convert? Or did he merely renounce Christianity but not the benefits of being called "reverend"? Sharpton did sign on with the Obamacare god last week.