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Whatever Andrew Breitbart is Drinking, Send a Case

There is so much to consider in this video of Andrew Breitbart's one-man attack on the destructive nihilistic Occupy protesters at CPAC.

The most noteworthy part is the reactionary mob response from the Occupy crowd: "Racist, sexist, anti-gay, right wing bigots go away."  They just can't help themselves.  They cannot help but attribute any opposition to racism and bigotry.  The Occupy crowd in California calls Brietbart gay, and the DC version calls him anti-gay.  Such is the fungibility of Leftist slurs.

Notice also the audio of Happening Girl at the end, seemingly oblivious to the rapes at Occupy events to which Andrew refers.  "I never raped anyone," Hipster Happening Girl complains.

Leftist blogs are accusing Breitbart of being drunk.  I doubt it.  This was one man, sick of the mob, and ready to tell them something they probably never heard from their parents, namely to behave and bathe.  But even if he was drinking, like Lincoln said of Grant, send the rest of the conservative movement a case of whatever it is Andrew drinks.