What Lurks in the Ayers-Annenberg Files?

Do Democratic presidential campaign committees think we are all stupid or do they suffer from some sort of group delusion? In 2004 they tried to peddle a man who made claims about his military career that were easily proven to be lies (Christmas in Cambodia, outrageous charges about war crimes by his fellow soldiers) as a war hero "reporting for duty."

This time around they are trying to take a man whose entire career has linked him with far-left anti-American characters, political agendas focused on redistribution of wealth, and racial spoils and pawn him off on us as a man who transcends race and partisanship.

As the façade's cracks begin to show through -- largely outside the focus of the major media -- the Obama camp is behaving badly and thereby telegraphing that the charges involving Obama's role in the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) are not only true, but both unanswerable and exceedingly damaging to the campaign's make-believe narrative about their candidate.

First, someone -- still unknown but undoubtedly linked to the Chicago Annenberg Challenge as an executive or board member during the time Obama was its chairman -- tried to prevent the University of Illinois' Richard J. Daley library from making available to writer Stanley Kurtz the organization's records.

Then the campaign falsely asserted that ads respecting the CAC and Obama's links to Ayers through it had been made by McCain, sent threatening letters to stations brave enough to carry the ad, and topped it off with two letters to the Department of Justice laughably demanding a full investigation into the organization which sponsored the ads, a 501(c)(4) organization legally permitted to engage in such activities.

Wednesday night the campaign conducted an outrageous and preposterous "swarm" of Chicago radio station WGN, the mild and moderate radio host Milt Rosenberg, and the equally temperate guest of his show, Stanley Kurtz.