What Is Liberty Island?

And if you’re a reader who loves great fiction in the vein of Tom Clancy, Brad Thor, Vince Flynn, Sarah Hoyt, Larry Correia, and others like them, then you should prepare to bookmark LI in your browser.

Our writers reject the constraints of political correctness, and do so with flair, wit, and skill. We can’t think of anyplace else on the web where you’ll find such a trove of great fiction. And it’s growing and expanding every day.

We launched Liberty Island earlier this year on a shoestring out of our own pockets, but we’re growing faster than we anticipated. Even before launch we were inundated not just with great stories but terrific full-length novels. So in our next phase we will begin to offer affordably-priced books penned by conservative and libertarian writers who are, for the most part, unable to get their works published or even read by mainstream New York publishers. This is the farm team from which the next Clancy or Flynn will emerge. But they need first to develop an audience.

But the publishing business itself is changing rapidly. It’s a Wild West environment out there in the digital space and the rules are being rewritten as we type. So we’ve gone outside the box and created a unique crowd funding campaign that will allow readers to pre-order individual books or join our book club and receive a year’s worth of books – one a month for 12 months -- in genres as diverse as mystery, western, sci-fi, and alt-history. This allows us to minimize the risks associated with traditional publishing, get the authors a little money upfront, and help them build an audience. Our first title, Superego, is a sci-fi technothriller that combines both action and romance. The author is a familiar name in these parts—PJ Media’s own Frank J. Fleming.

On our campaign page folks can support our authors by pre-ordering one or two books, or the whole subscription.

For our part, we promise that Liberty Island will keep up the good fight as long as there is a war being waged by the left against your freedom of thought and expression.


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