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What Happened? One Week Later, Nobody Knows

A week ago today, I predicted the Electoral College would turn out to be 341 Romney, 197 Obama.

You may have noticed that it didn't quite work out that way.

I imagine, like me, you've been wondering: "What the hell happened?"

That Tatler post, and the reasoning behind it from my other post, "Keep Calm and Finish Him," was based primarily on two observations from the polls: Rasmussen's Republican Party self-identification was the highest in eight0 years at least -- since 2004 in fact, when Republican turnout ended Kerry's presidential hopes; and Republican enthusiasm was also higher than it had been in years, and in fact much higher than in 2008, while Democrat enthusiasm was lower. Based on these facts, and a few other hints, I concluded that the states not counted as toss-ups would go the way the polls indicated, and the states that were toss-ups would largely go to Romney.

Of course, what happened was exactly the opposite: Obama took all the toss-up states.

Why? There have been a lot of options considered. Along with a lot of other people, I wondered if the Mormonism issue had depressed Republican turnout in a post called "Magic underwear." Some people suggested explicitly that it might have been evangelical turnout, but according to Andrew McCarthy, the exit polls didn't actually reflect that -- although the reasoning for using exit polls to describe the population that didn't vote seems a little labored. But to be fair to that hypothesis, some commenters said explicitly that they hadn't voted for Romney for just that reason -- Mormonism was "a cult" founded by a "con man," suggested some scurrilous comments.

A fair number of people on the Left think Romney was too conservative, while a fair number of the comments on the "Magic underwear" post said some people didn't vote for Romney because he was insufficiently pro-life. Not surprisingly, those people on the Left think that this means the Republicans must become more "moderate" to succeed, while the people who thought Romney wasn't sufficiently pro-life think the GOP must become more pro-life, and the hard-lire conservatives think the GOP must become more hard-line conservative.

After due consideration and several sleepless nights -- you think I like being that wrong? -- I've come to a conclusion on the question "what the hell happened?" and that conclusion is:

I don't know.

What's more, I don't think anyone else knows either.