What Happened in Kyrgyzstan? Don't Know, but Let's Blame the Jews

We have all read about the bloody riots and armed confrontations in the Muslim republic of Kyrgyzstan in central Asia, leading to the overthrow of the government and the installation of a revolutionary council claiming to be its legitimate replacement. The situation remains volatile, and its ramifications on the dynamics of power politics may have consequences harmful to American interests in the region.

There is now a strong likelihood that the U.S. may lose permanent access to the strategic Manas air base from which it supplies its forces in Afghanistan. This would be a severe blow to the war effort against the Taliban and further reduce American military and political influence on the global stage, to the advantage of its Russian competitor.

What no one seems to have realized as yet is the shadowy, behind-the-scenes maneuvering at the root of this latest upheaval which, as we have seen, may cost the U.S. dearly. For there can be little doubt regarding the nefarious role played by the naughty state of Israel, which ever seeks to undermine its greatest friend and ally, the United States of America. After all, was not Israel the covert source of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, even though there was no such country as Israel at the time? Does this not show that its sly resourcefulness is truly unprecedented? Did it not craftily embroil the U.S. in the Vietnam debacle, inciting trouble in Southeast Asia and, according to reliable reports, training the Viet Cong in a secret military camp on Pitcairn Island? Was not Israel basically responsible for every atrocity on American soil, from the first World Trade Center bombing to 9/11 to the Fort Hood shooting? It is common knowledge by now that every setback America suffers, especially in the Islamic domain, is the result of the actions, decisions, and intrigues of the Jewish state. The eruption in Kyrgyzstan is no exception to this general rule.

Clearly, Israeli agents in deep cover have been at work sowing discord among the people of Kyrgyzstan. I have it on good authority that these provocateurs reinterpreted the ancient story of Manas, the eponymous hero of the national epic of the country, to equate the U.S. with its ancestral enemies, the Khitan and the Oirats, who were soundly defeated. Sad to say, the revisionist reading of this beloved, if interminable, poem helped to roil the political cauldron.

The fact is, the Israelis, using forged identity papers and fake credentials to pose as loyal citizens and international experts, have been busy inflaming anti-American sentiment, giving purposefully bad advice to former President Kurmanbek Bakiyev and infiltrating the new government of Roza Otunbayeva with a view to destabilizing the region and making it yet more difficult for the U.S. to pursue its noble plan of bringing lasting peace to the world, as outlined by President Barack Obama. For if peace were to descend upon mankind, Israel would be deprived of its raison d’être, which is to provoke mischief and dissension wherever it can. Do we not have the testimony of such intellectual giants and eminent statesmen as Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, and Mohamed Ould Abd Aziz of Mauritania on the subject? Knowing how the Israelis operate, rendering it nearly impossible for the U.S. to placate its enemies and usher in a golden era of universal harmony among the nations of the earth, President Obama is to be applauded for giving Israel the cold shoulder and deservedly humiliating its prime minister.

Be that as it may, some naïve or untrustworthy observers might suspect Russian involvement in this most recent convulsion, but of course that is nothing but a smokescreen to hide the imprint of devious Israeli plotting. The joy of the Israeli leadership must be unbounded for having meddled so successfully in Kyrgyzstani internal affairs. One can just see them dancing the freilach in the corridors of the Knesset.