What Does the President's 'Meaningful Coverage' Mean for Health Care?

This is quite amazing when you consider that the New York Times reported there were only 826,732 bankruptcies in America in 2007, with approximately 1.2 million estimated for 2008. Either Obama is right and nearly every bankruptcy in this country is a result of healthcare expenses, or the numbers are purposely being exaggerated in order to create a crisis great enough to justify implementing his healthcare plan.

Let's face it: It's easy to create a sense of crisis if we simply look at outcomes without first investigating causes.

For example, on March 21, 2009, Obama said: "Medicare costs are consuming our federal budget [and] Medicaid is overwhelming our state budgets." He didn't bother mentioning that the states worst hit are those where illegal immigrants have turned hospital emergency rooms into wards where they receive medical treatment for "free," or have their baby, then flee, leaving the hospital holding both the baby and the expenses; expenses which are then charged to Medicaid.

Thus it's not Medicaid that's hurting us but the government's failure to guard our borders and the subsequent Obama-sustained policy of providing taxpayer-funded health care to illegal immigrants. Yet Obama will no sooner admit this than he admitted that Democrat corruption in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac exacerbated our "mortgage crisis."

Instead, Obama just jumps to the next talking point and starts the litany all over by saying, "We have to ensure that people aren't overcharged for prescription drugs [or] discriminated against for preexisting conditions." The former of which means more regulation and the latter of which expands the government's involvement in the insurance sector.

Can someone tell me how Obama plans to force insurance companies to insure people who are already sick and dying while subsequently guaranteeing that everyone who holds to their existing healthcare plan will pay less than they do now? How will insurance companies be able to take in less in premiums if they're paying out more in benefits by insuring the sick and dying?

And if Obama thinks prescription drugs cost too much currently, keep in mind that a new drug will cost a company like Pfizer upwards of $900 million before it ever reaches the point of coming before the FDA for approval; and even then there's no guarantee of approval. Where will such research capital come from once Obama universalizes medicine and caps drug prices, thereby cutting not only profit but also the monies used to research and develop newer, life-saving drugs?

Ask yourselves this question: Have the bailouts or stimulus packages delivered us from the "financial crisis" Obama convinced us loomed on the horizon if we didn't act? No. And his "meaningful coverage" will not end the "healthcare crisis" he assures us we'll face if the government does not act either.

Of course his plan is ultimately not designed to "fix" the healthcare system in the first place. It's designed to take it over.

And when that happens, every one from insurers to the insured, from pharmaceutical companies to pharmacists, and from doctors to patients will understand that a real crisis is the result of a power grab by a young president who is a rank amateur in everything but socialism.