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What Does Barack Obama Do All Day?

White House spokesman Jay Carney reiterated today that President Obama was not told of the Petraeus affair, despite its obvious national security implications.

We've also been told that Barack Obama did not know about the requests for more security at the US consulate in Benghazi, where the CIA may or may not have been holding captured terrorists. If that story turns out to be true, we'll be told that Obama didn't know anything about it.

We've also been told that Barack Obama did not know anything about Fast and Furious, the huge operation by which thousands of guns were allowed to walk off and take part in Mexico's heinous drug war, at a time when Obama just happened to be blaming the violence in that war on US gun rights.

Obama reportedly had very little role in drafting or selling ObamaCare. He outsourced the stimulus to Congress. Democrats complain that he doesn't even talk to them, much less the Republicans.

So Obama doesn't know anything that his own administration is doing? Ok. What does the guy do all day? Especially now that the campaign is over.