What Do the Obama Democrats Stand For?

Are the Democrats a party that is interested in economic growth, or are they more concerned with preserving their own status? They spent almost no time discussing the economy this week, and President Obama never mentioned the 23 million unemployed or the 88 million who have dropped out of the economy. They spent most of their time building enough straw men to set off a bonfire.

Are the Democrats under Obama the party that loves America as they claim to, or are they a party that mistrusts America? Democrats consistently push to curb economic activity, they consistently empower government and unions over individuals and business, and Rep. Nancy Pelosi pledged to curb the First Amendment right of free speech.

Are the Democrats the party of "strong majorities" and "settled law" as they claim when they get their way, or are they the party that pledges to overturn the Citizens United case, in which they didn't get their way?

Are the Democrats the party of openness and transparency, as they once claimed, or are they the party of hiding the attorney general's deadliest scandal behind an executive order fig leaf?

Is President Obama working hard to make life better, as his wife claimed, thinking about the unemployed every waking moment, or is he the president who has golfed more than 100 times and worked hard at improving his bowling score so he can win his birthday party competition?

Does Barack Obama believe in you, or does he believe he knows better than you?

President Obama wants four more years to complete his project to "fundamentally transform" America. Why? And why won't the Democrats tell us what that makeover will do? Do they even know what Obama plans to do? Why can't Americans see the fine print in those plans? If the Democrats love America as they claim, why do they support a man who wants to transform her into something else?