What Do the 'Holiday Terror Warning' Targets Have in Common?

Authorities across the country like to assure themselves that attacks like that cannot happen here. Such thoughts are not backed by reason. We are a free and open society, and of course we can be targeted by terrorist cells from without and within.

Right now Islamic terrorist cells are using Mexico as a staging area for attacks on America, trading their expertise in violence for the protection of Mexican drug cartels. Our borders, kept intentionally porous by cynical politicians, are routinely and easily infiltrated by heavily armed men, as the killing of a Border Patrol officer in a firefight this week regrettably underscores.

An open war is being waged on our southern border and is largely ignored by our media, but the simple fact of the matter is that the destabilization that the human and drug smuggling conflict provides serves to provide cover for an even darker shadow war. Reliable sources indicate that the number of Islamic terrorists quietly killed in black operations in North America amount to hundreds within just the past few years, and more are coming.

It doesn't take a regiment to cause chaos. The Mumbai attack was launched by just ten men so ferocious that days later the media was still reporting as many as 60 attackers. Thanks to our porous border and feckless politicians, it is all but assured that a similar band of terrorists will eventually slip across our borders undetected with whatever munitions they can carry and launch equally lethal attacks.

Sadly, foreign terrorists are not remotely our only threat, as a homegrown terror cell captured almost in my backyard revealed. Daniel Boyd and six others amassed weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition as they plotted attacks in North Carolina and Virginia against military targets. They could have just as easily driven thirty minutes  into Cary or Raleigh and slaughtered dozens at crowded shopping malls, movie theaters, or schools before police officers even arrived.

These misguided laws leave us open for a Beslan, a Ma'alot, or a Mumbai.

The Israelis have learned a hard lesson as the result of these kinds of attacks. They have learned to respond by allowing their citizens far more liberal carry rights. The result has been terror attacks cut short because of civilians dispatching terrorists before police officers even had a chance to arrive. We have the opportunity to achieve this same additional level of security at no cost by only striking antiquated and short-sighted laws.

Every day concealed carry permit holders across America leave for work, for school, for their churches unarmed. We will remain ripe targets, unable to begin to defend ourselves, until we force legislators to recognize that we, not the police, are going to be the first on the scene when an attack occurs.