What Did Mr. Meek Stand to Inherit?

A week is a long time, especially in politics.  A lot can be discussed in a week.  Like job offers and other rewards for helping the party out.

Which brings us to the potential crime.  In the Pennsylvania case, Clinton famously offered Joe Sestak an unpaid position in exchange for dropping out of the Democratic primary.  That would've handed Specter the nomination, to go head to head against Republican nominee Pat Toomey (the man whose run scared Specter enough to jump parties in the first place, and who now has a narrow lead over Sestak).  As Hans von Spakovsky wrote at the time, that offer constituted a potential violation of USC 600, which:

prohibits the use of government-funded jobs or programs to advance partisan political interests.  The statute makes it unlawful for anyone to “promise any employment, position, compensation, contract, appointment, or other benefit” to any person as a “consideration, favor, or reward for any political activity or for the support of or opposition to any candidate or any political party … in connection with any primary election.” As the OLC opinion says, § 600 “punishes those who promise federal employment or benefits as an enticement to or reward for future political activity, but does not prohibit rewards for past political activity.”  Future political activity would arguably include dropping out of a contested primary in order to benefit the White House-endorsed candidate (here, Sen. Specter).

And here, Rep. Meek.

So the question is, what if anything was discussed as a potential reward for Meek dropping out in favor of Crist?  What did Mr. Meek stand to inherit?  Clinton is most assuredly one of those few extremely influential political figures who can make the offer: All of X can be yours if you merely do what we want.  Help us keep Rubio out of office, and we'll help you.

The question is, did he?  The Republican House should look into this, and the Sestak matter, in its next session.  If Bill Clinton is on an interstate political and possibly racially motivated crime spree, he needs to be stopped.